Support this web site -  and it costs YOU nothing

How you can halp support this web site
(That actually makes no money!)


You have either been directed to this web page for one of three reasons, or chanced upon it. You may have placed an advert for a boat to rent, or you have placed an advert LOOKING for a boat to rent or you have joined my boatrent e-mail list, or you are just having a wanter around my site. Whichever I thank you. 


OK, there are one or two payment options but in truth noody has paid me a penny in 10 years!

Of course in real terms, for me to run it, it is not free. I have to pay for web hosting, a domain name renewal each year and the classified ads section on the web site is hosted on a third party server and they charge me for it. All these costs add up, and of course I do not write the web site for the good of my health, I do hope in some way to try and make some money from it....and that is where you come in!!


I am not a fan of those "donate" buttons (except say on Wikipedia which I think is a very worthwhile resource) but I do rather like the idea of earning money from commissions on sales, and I have had an Amazon account for this in place for another web site I run for many years, and have decided with the income I hoped to garner off the web site from the Google adverts not really amounting to much to try to get some income off the site from that account, and this is where you come in.


All you have to do is make ONE small change to your browser NOW and going forward, every time you make a purchase from Amazon on your PC I will earn a penny or two.

Most people buy stuff from Amazon and if you do I guess you have a link saved to Amazon from your home page on your Internet browser. 

The idea is fairly simple. Let’s say you use Google Chrome (I think most folk do these days) as your internet search engine. I am sure like me you have across the top a list of your favourite sites with links to them, maybe even in folders?? Is Amazon up there?? If so DELETE IT. 

I then ask you to go to this web page (link opens new window) and if all goes according to plan you will end up on the same Amazon home page as your present link (maybe with one more click but if you have Java turned on on your machine you should go straight there).  

All I ask you to do is save THAT Amazon home page to your favourites page (or toolbar/folder) and not the one you had. It is exactly the same home page as before and you even get the logo as before, but the fact that you have gone in to it via my web site (in the first place) means that for every purchase you make I will earn a small commission. You only have to make this small change to your link once. 

Many thanks a good luck in your boating quest, I lived on a boat for a few years 25 years or so ago and loved it!


To make a page a “favourite” on Google Chrome with the page you want to save open in front of you look close to the top right of it and in the white address box and you will see a Star. Click on the star and a little box pops up asking where to save it, then click done in this box (or first change location as you prefer).