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A little bit about me....

I did, for around 8 years work in narrow boat shared ownership leaving OwnersShips some 3 years before it ceased trading, so I know a little bit about the waterways and boats in general.

I also lived on a 70' Colecraft narrow boat for about 6 years.

I also have cruised just about the whole of the UK canal network.

Furthermore I have rented out a narrow boat, over a period of about 5 years, having two brilliant tenants and one terrible one! You can read all about the terrible one, and his more recent escapades, here

About this web site

I presently run the very sucessful "boatshare" web site, I also own "boatsell" (presently, 2018, not doing anything!) and of course this one, "boatrent" - call them a set!

I set this web site up as basically there is no way anyone looking to rent a boat can advertise THEMSELVES to boat owners as potential tenants, well there is now.

Of course owners can also advertise their boats as being available to rent out, but there are less of those than there are people looking to rent one.

I do not, and cannot, endose any person or boat advertised on this web site.

How it works

If you are looking for a boat to rent to live on, or for extended cruising then I suggest you firstly join my mailing list and secondly maybe go to the classifieds board and advertise "yourself", say a few words about who you are and what you are seeking and where, look at some of the other adverts to get an idea. Sadly the number of people looking far outweigh the number of boats available so if you are really serious about it make a note to come back and re-new your advert about "you" so you are towards the top of the list so any boat owner looking for a tenant finds you more easily.

If you are a boat owner looking to rent your boat out then you too can advertise it in the classifieds section, and I will circulate it around my mailing list, presently (2018)this service is totally free.

It Is Presently free To Advertise..
and a Nominal Charge to have your advert sent around my mailing list.

All adverts on this web site are presntly offer for free. The only charge I make is if you have a boat to rent and you want me to offer it out around my mailing list, where the charge to do that is just £10.00.

The e-mail list is over 800 strong (as at January 2018) so it could be seen as "Money Well Spent" as there are potentially a lot of people looking for "your" boat to rent.

However, you can help in keeping it free to advertise yourself or boat free going forward in three ways:-

First and foremost click on the banner of our sole advertiser, after all they have boats for rent and that is what you are looking for!

Secondly I have Google adverts on the site and every click eacns me a penny know the rest.

The third and maybe most interesting option concerns my Amazon account. I have an account such that if you go via my links to Amazon and make a purchase then I earn a commision, sometimes literally a penny, but sometimes a pound. Now there is a very interesting way you can do this outlined on this page (on a different site I run), and if you can do that it would be marvellous.

Finally, good luck in your search for a boat to live on

It is a wonderful way of life.